Student Information Systems (SIS)

Century Consultants Star_Base SIS Express

Century Consultants Star_Base SIS Express is a comprehensive, SIF-certified Web-based solution that offers schools a centralized application that can help streamline the district’s core processes and improve its ability to manage instruction. SIS Express gives districts the ability to define how their business rules are managed within the system. Districts have the capability to customize the application to meet their individual requirements without the need for custom programming.

Edupoint Synergy

Edupoint Synergy is an SIF-compliant, SIF-certified Web-based solution that delivers SIS features and compliance reporting capabilities through a flexible, customizable architecture that streamlines workflow, supports data-driven decision making, and facilitates collaborative communications. Synergy tracks and manages all essential district and student data while streamlining all of your essential K-12 student information management processes.

Follett Aspen

Follett Aspen is an SIF-compliant, Web-based solution providing highly configurable and adaptable features for the district office, school users, classroom, service providers and the home. Aspen provides an intuitive, customizable interface that supports ad hoc reporting and data analysis from any screen in the system. With a design that places the vast majority of screens only one to two mouse clicks away from any other, users find data they need quickly and easily. With unlimited custom fields, screens, workflows, reports and now built-in charting, Aspen most benefits districts needing a solution that adapts to local policies and procedures, rather than the other way around.

GlobalScholar Pinnacle SIS

GlobalScholar Pinnacle SIS is an SIF-certified Web-based solution that appeals to districts wishing to begin a transformation into a new paradigm of performance-based scheduling, standards-based teaching and learning, hybrid standards-based transcripts, and modern learning and grading methods. Pinnacle SIS includes a standards-based grade book/learning management system that supports instruction rather than just managing physical locations and traditional report cards.

Harris SchoolMax Enterprises (SME)

Harris SchoolMAX is a Web-based SIS solution that is easily navigable and has an understandable user interface that attracts users. Among the desirable features of the SchoolMAX solution is an integrated reporting tool and Web portals for all user groups.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is an SIF-certified Web-based student information system solution that provides districts with the integrated tools needed to streamline student administration, enable stakeholder collaboration and individualize instruction. The system is a district wide transactional data warehouse allowing student data to be entered once and used across the entire district supporting data-driven decision making.

Pearson Chancery SMS

Pearson’s Chancery SMS is an SIF-certified Web-based student information system. Utilizing the power of the .NET framework, Pearson works with each Chancery SMS customer to seamlessly integrate the system with other applications to meet unique customer needs. The open architecture of the Chancery SMS database provides customers with full access to the database, allowing them to tailor it to their needs without the typical constraints associated with an embedded database.

The Chancery SMS solution includes the Chancery SMS student information system, the PowerTeacher Gradebook, the ParentCONNECTxp School-To-Home Portal and the Advanced Reporting Toolkit ETL tool.

Pearson PowerSchool

Pearson’s PowerSchool is an SIF-certified, Web-based student information system that combines comprehensive functionality with ease of use. PowerSchool utilizes a single-database, centralized server configuration, which eliminates batch updates and manual aggregations. PowerSchool can be extended with other systems, including Pearson’s Schoolnet, to expand the capabilities of schools, districts and states to meet the requirements of personalized learning environments.

Skyward Student Management Suite

Skyward Student Management Suite is an SIF-compliant Web-based application that provides administrators, teachers and parents with the ability to view student progress anytime during the school year with access to historical data for ongoing analysis. The Student Management Suite supports flexible reporting and data mining capabilities, as well as administrative tools to manage student information by individual, school and district.

SunGard K-12 Education eSchoolPLUS

eSchoolPLUS is a true Web-based, district-wide student management system for K-12 schools. It is a single system that offers all educational stakeholders — school administrators, district staff, teachers, parents and board members — the ability to easily manage or immediately access the summary and detail student information they need, when they need it. Most importantly, eSchoolPLUS is easily configurable to meet each district’s specific needs, yet intuitive to use and simple to deploy, making it a very cost-effective student information system for K-12 schools.