Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Agilix BrainHoney LMS

Agilix BrainHoney LMS is a shareable content object reference model (SCORM) and IMS-compliant Web-based solution that offers blended and online learning, standards alignment and reporting, and mastery-based differentiated instruction. BrainHoney LMS is hosted in the cloud, so schools and districts are relieved of hardware considerations. BrainHoney LMS is built on the BrainHoney platform, a modular learning infrastructure that offers digital content including online courses, videos and assessments, either for a fee or as open resources.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is an IMS Common Cartridge compliant Web-based solution that incorporates content management and community personalization features to meet a wide range of digital teaching and learning needs. Blackboard Learn provides one education technology platform for teaching and learning, community-building, content management and sharing, and community-driven experiences.

Desire2Learn Learning Suite

Desire2Learn Learning Suite is an IMS-compatible, integrated suite of Web-based products that provides a seamless experience for the creation, delivery and management of courses. Desire2Learn Learning Suite users can build and deliver engaging learning experiences, create and share personalized e-portfolios, gain real-time knowledge with sophisticated analytics, and capture and distribute presentations worldwide.

Epsilen Learning Management System

Epsilen Learning Management System is an SIF-compliant Web-based application that provides flexible support for traditional classrooms, hybrid courses and virtual learning. The system includes flexible course management tools that allow faculty to create and post syllabi and lessons; multimedia resources that include text, websites, videos, and more than 150 years of New York Times archives; and flexible workgroups that encourage collaborative learning in a secure and feature-rich environment.

Follett Aspen

Follett Aspen is an SIF-compliant, Web-based solution providing highly configurable and adaptable features for the district office, school users, classroom, service providers and the home. Aspen provides an intuitive, customizable interface that supports ad hoc reporting and data analysis from any screen in the system. With a design that places the vast majority of screens only one to two mouse clicks away from any other, users find data they need quickly and easily. With unlimited custom fields, screens, workflows, reports and now built-in charting, Aspen most benefits districts needing a solution that adapts to local policies and procedures, rather than the other way around.

Instructure Canvas

Instructure Canvas is a new, open-source, Web-based learning management solution that includes a comprehensive feature set, modern technology, and a clean, intuitive user interface. Instructure has made time savings for faculty, administrators, and students a core tenet of Canvas’ product design and development. Those schools currently using Instructure Canvas have expressed their appreciation for the stable and dynamically scalable cloud environment, reduced need for IT resources, and ease of migration.


Moodle is a Web-based application that gives instructors the ability to author, edit and index e-learning content such as courses and reusable content objects. Moodlerooms’ open-source Moodle core was founded on the principle that education is best conducted through interactions between peers and teachers. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, Moodle allows teachers to create online classrooms that are more than a document hanger — they provide a place for teachers to explore and implement different teaching methods, allowing them to reach students who learn in different ways.

Pearson LearningStudio

Pearson LearningStudio is a learning management system that enables comprehensive, flexible and personalized online learning. This solution gives faculty and administrators the integrated platform, tools, content and support to create, manage and measure successful online learning experiences. LearningStudio, based on a software as a service (SaaS) architecture, provides the ability to tailor the learning environment to students’ unique needs through personalized learning capabilities; ensures greater engagement and measurable success for educations and students alike by connecting analytics to achievement; and overcomes the cost, scalability and reliability limitations of traditional hosted LMSs, which require costly upgrades and repeated maintenance downtime.