SIS/LMS Solutions

Solutions Overview

Featured in this section are interactive product comparison tools for Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS). These comparison tools allow district, school, and technology leaders to:

  • View an overview of each vendor and product.
  • View more detailed functional capabilities of each vendor product.
  • Select up to three products to compare side-by-side.

In addition, a series of downloadable tools and reports are also available:

  • SIS/LMS Industry Overview Report: Report describing key vendors in the industry.
  • Vendor Product Functionality Chart: This chart is a snapshot that aggregates high-level capabilities for all of the SIS or LMS vendors profiled in this site.
  • SIS Vendor Product Summaries and LMS Vendor Product Summaries: This information is an aggregation of all the products profiled in this site.
  • SIS Vendor Product Detail and LMS Vendor Product Detail: These Excel workbooks provide a detailed view of each vendor and their product(s), grouped by company overview, technical specifications, and solution functionality.


Although the collection of information and tools presented here reflects a significant undertaking to aggregate a variety of market information into a single source about a selection of SIS and LMS solutions, it does not provide an exhaustive list of SIS and LMS vendors, or an in-depth description of all of their offerings. These tools do not replace the due diligence and research that prospective purchasers undertake to select a specific solution that meets their operational and educational goals.