Project Goal

The Closing the Gap: Turning SIS/LMS Data into Action project was inspired to address the continuing call for accountability in education. New layers of education policy and legislation (for example, ARRA, Investing in Innovation (i3), Race to the Top and NCLB/Elementary & Secondary Education Act) require schools to collect, interpret and use a tremendous volume of data, and to convey their findings to variety of stakeholders. By providing these resources and reaching out to stakeholders, the project addresses increased accountability and moves beyond to envision a data-rich culture.

Closing the Gap: Turning SIS/LMS Data into Action Website resources were developed to allow school districts and state education departments to:

  • Gain a more complete understanding of the current state of Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) solutions and how the data provided by these solutions is used in the classroom by teachers to achieve desired education outcomes.
  • Begin to move beyond the current state and adopt practices that will lead to realizing state, district, and school visions for using SIS/LMS data to strengthen instructional practices.
  • Become fully engaged in dialogue and in implementing best practices for using SIS/LMS data to inform classroom practice, and in selecting and implementing those solutions for their organizations.